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If Santiago is the political capital and Valparaiso is the cultural capital of Chile, Viña del Mar is, without any doubts, its tourist capital. Located in the central coast of Chile's 5th Region, distant 120km from Santiago, the "Garden City" offers to its more than 300.000 inhabitants and thousands of tourists who are visiting it every year, a mix of attractions that few cities in the world can offer: beautiful beaches, ancient palaces and extensive green areas are mixed with a diverse offering of culture, cuisine and entertainment that delights the world.

Check out our touristic recommendations about Viña del Mar and enjoy TICAL 2015.

Touristic recommendations

Note: Keep in mind that in July Chile is in Winter time, so the average temperatures are cold and the weather rainy. During this time of the year, Viña del Mar usually has temperatures that range between -1°C and 15°C.


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