Viña del Mar

TICAL2015 will be held at the Enjoy Casino - Hotel - Events Center, located in San Martín avenue, number 199, Viña del Mar, Chile. For more information please visit:

Viña del Mar is a Chilean city that belongs to the 5th region of the country, located approximately 120 km from the capital Santiago. Founded on December 28th of 1874 by the politician José Francisco Vergara, "Viña" currently has about 300.000 inhabitants spread over an area of 121 km². The city is also known by the nickname of "Garden City", by being originally surrounded by large green areas and preserving in its urban area beautiful and extensive gardens.

The city is world renowned for its huge tourist and cultural potential. Its seasons of music and art performances has tradition and international prestige. One example is the International Song Festival: created in 1960, the event has hosted great artists like Elton John, Morrissey and Sting, and takes place every year in February.

Its extensive coastline, formed by eight kilometers of beaches, boardwalks and rock formations, also makes Viña the perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy beautiful beaches and sea views. Also draw attention the scattered palaces throughout the city, the old mansions turned into museums, the municipal casino and many other options for culture, leisure and gastronomy. Because all of this and more, Viña del Mar is the perfect place to hold TICAL 2015. What do you think? See you there!

Note: Keep in mind that in July Chile is in Winter time, so the average temperatures are cold and the weather rainy. During this time of the year, Viña del Mar usually has temperatures that range between -1°C and 15°C.

Viña del Mar


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