We hope to see you in TICAL2014!


Very soon will be 09:00 o’clock of May 26, time and date in which TICAL2014 will start. The reception of papers, the quality of them and the speakers of the plenary sessions, the active participation of the RedCLARA member networks in the Conference promotion, and the ever increasing registration of participants, are predicting a successful Conference and this DeCLARA special will give us the necessary framework to turn our engines and get ready to travel to Cancun to meet in the fourth version of TICAL. See you there!


The program is now completed, check it out and don't forguet to check the schedule of the demonstrations that will be given by the sponsoring companies. Check it out HERE.

Meet the international speakers, the companies speakers, and the authors, they will share their knowledge with us in our Conference.

Avoid crowds!

Remember that on Sunday 25th, May, in Cancun Center, the venue of TICAL2014, we will be waiting for you to finalize the details of your registration and to give you your Conference materials and badges. We will open the Registration table between 15:30 and 18:00 hours, do not miss it! so you can prevent the long rows on Monday morning.

Pay in advance and participate in our raffle

During the closing session of TICAL2014, one Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be raffled among all those participants who have paid the registration before the event, that is, for those who have made ​​the payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

If you haven't payed your registration fee, you can do it today entering to http://tical2014.redclara.net/en/registro.html and choosing the option of Paypal, or by doing a bank transfer (check out the data for this at http://tical2014.redclara.net/en/registro.html).

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this draw and avoid the crowds at the registration desk of TICAL2014.

Social activities

On monday 26, at 20:00 hours, in Cancun Center (the conference venue), we'll be waiting for you in the Gala Dinner, and on Tuesday, at the same place, at 20:30, we will meet you in an informal and fun enclosing cocktail. If you wish to invite someone to participate, in the Registration desk our support team will have tickets of both events on sale, the cost of these tickets must be payed in cash in US dollars: Gala Dinner USD$43 – Cocktail USD$38.


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