TICAL2015 search for interinstitutional collaboration projects to be presented in a session of the TICAL Community

TICAL2015Seeking to promote the cooperation between the higher education institutions in the region, the TICAL community calls the interested to submit, until April 15th, proposals for interinstitutional projects that address the themes of the Conference 2015 (described in the thematic axes) and that could be benefited and empowered by the collaboration between different academic institutions in Latin America. An author of each selected proposal will receive the airfare as an incentive to participate in TICAL 2015 and present its project at the conference.

The collaborative projects searched by the TICAL Community should convene the members of the higher education institutions in the region to actively participate in them. In addition, it should address some of the themes included within the thematic axes of TICAL2015 Conference.

Proposals should contain, at least, the following sections:

  1. Objective of the proposed project
  2. A general description of the solution, its technological and methodological aspects, among others.
  3. Justification: Why this is a project that requires the support or appreciates been held by various institutions in the region?
  4. Profile Definition: In terms of competence, what is the profile that must have the people who are interested in being incorporated to the project?
  5. Benefits: What are the benefits obtained through the collaboration among the participating institutions?
  6. Interaction: What kind of collaboration is expected by each of the participating institutions?
  7. Articulation: What are the proposed dynamics for the project to be successful and implemented?
  8. Necessary resources for its implementation.

Some examples or project ideas are:

  • Strategies and feasibility evaluation for implementing the latin-american interinstitutional MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).
  • Create, share or improve a technological platform to support any of the areas of the University, teaching, research, administration, strategic management, to be used between various institutions in the region.
  • Develop a project that, on the base of the identity federation, allows sharing services or applications between different universities.
  • Preparation of standards on specific topics should have a time and a defined deliverable.
  • Identify and evaluate ICT services that could be offered in a federated scheme between institutions of the region.
  • Generate Centers of Reporting of Issues of Regional Security, composed by a network of university centers (It can starts by seeking alliance with the agencies that already exists and seeing collaboration points).
  • Make a software or applications registration that can be used within the TICAL Community. In this case it is essential to define the classification criteria and the strategies to capture the information.

The Program Committee of TICAL2015 will evaluate the received projects and will choose one (or various) to be presented in TICAL2015. In order to encourage and ensure the presentation of each selected project, the author of the same - or one of them, in case of a collective work - will receive the flight tickets to attend the Conference. The presentation made by the head of the project must motivate other institutions to participate in it, in order to get partners for its implementation. The project does not need to be in course, but the institution responsible for it should be able to move forward on its development.

Presentation format:
The project proposal should be presented in a document that has three to five pages long, in PDF format (Arial, size 10, or Times New Roman, size 12, with 25 lines per page)

Sending format:
Proposals should be sent in PDF to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The "subject", should be identified as "TICAL2015: interinstitutional collaboration project." In the body of the e-mail should be included the name of the project and the contact information of the person responsible for it (full name, institution, title, country, phone, e-mail).

Important dates:
April 15th, 2015 | Deadline for submission of the projects proposals
May 18th, 2015 | Notification of the selected projects


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