Andrés Holguín Coral, Colombia: “We have some similar events around the world, but TICAL allows different advances”

327E0C13-8282-484C-9959-A067C01B3AE4TICAL is almost here. In a few days, hundreds of ICT directors of the Latin American universities will meet in Viña del Mar, Chile, to share knowledge and hear about the experiences of the international guest speakers. Andrés Holguín Coral, from Colombia, is one of them. In this interview, the last with the speakers of the fifth edition of the event, he says what motivated him to participate in TICAL2015 and highlights the peculiarities of the Conference.

What are your expectations for the Conference and of your participation in it?

My expectation is to be able to share with the other institutions the security process in which we are working at the University of Los Andes during the recent years, in order to receive feedback about our initiative and encourage other universities to start its awareness process on this issue.

What motivated you to accept the invitation to attend the conference?

The possibility of sharing experiences in ICT management at university level. We have some similar events around the world, but TICAL allows different advances because it gives us contact with people who have the same problems, since they are part of the same continent.

Talking about the issues that will be addressed by you in the Conference, what is the most important thing you would like to highlight?

The information security is a challenge that every organization is now facing. In this context, the challenge of education is to achieve balance between security and freedom. That's part of what I want to share at the event, learning how this process has been done at other universities.

Viña del Mar is known for its many beauties. What do you think of the choice of this city as TICAL2015 venue?

TICAL is characterized by lead its participants not only to a high quality event, but also to the best cities in Latin America. I imagine that the winter weather and the time we’ll dedicate to the Conference will not allow us to enjoy the beaches of Viña, but I want to know the historical places of the city, and, of course, to enjoy its cuisin


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