Can’t come to TICAL2015? Follow it LIVE through our website

play2Even those who are not in the Hotel, Casino and Events Center Enjoy Viña del Mar to participate in TICAL2015 may follow the Conference of Directors of Information and Communications Technologies of the Latin American Universities. Thanks to the support of the host network, REUNA, TICAL released in its website a link to the live broadcast of the event.

The broadcasts will mainly contemplate the plenary sessions, in which will be present the international guest speakers Andrés Holguín Coral (Colombia), the Msc. Manuel Moreno Castañeda (Mexico), Susan Grajek (USA), Eloy Rodrigues (Portugal) and Hans Pongratz (Germany).

TICAL2015 begins next Monday, July 6, but the organizers of the event are expecting the participants on Sunday 5, at the third floor of the Hotel for the delivery of materials and the finishing of the registration. The reception desk will open between 16h and 18:30h.

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